Many Faces of Clowns

Many Faces of Clowns is a new series I am starting. Concept: That every day we put on a face to seem we are part of society or we hide our true selves. Using clown characteristics as the makeup helps tells a story with their facial expressions. Setting with modern times and using fashion to tell a story.

Session 2: Glamour wit

Makeup Artist: Brierra Winfrey

Model: Shante Young

Location: Paramount Theater Seattle, WA 

Keep checking my blog for more update of the series. 

Corpse Alley

Corpse Alley 

Model: Hannah Palmer  

Makeup Artist: Jessica Ness

Photo Assistant: Cindy Hale

Location: Pike Place Market Seattle, WA              

Details: Natural light /Ambient lighting, Softbox with location lighting kit (ranger kit).